Liver - Gallbladder Formula

  • $16.00

Liver - Gallbladder Formula - (Barberry LG) - by Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas.

Barberry or Oregon Grape Root, Wild Yam, Cramp Bark, Fennel Seed, Ginger, Catnip and Peppermint.

To speed up the blood purifying process. When the liver does not function properly, the bile does not excrete freely into the intestinal tract, and so it passes off into the blood stream and throughout the rest of the system, causing a toxic condition called cholemia, causing indigestion, sluggishness fatigue, constipation, upset stomach, chills, vomiting and fever. Increase the vitality of the body by speeding up the blood purifying process with this detoxifying formula. By cleasing the liver and gall bladder area, bile can excrete freely through the intestinal tract without affecting the blood stream and the rest of the body. This formula can rid the body of thousands of poisons and toxins, reduce inflammation and flush out gall stones.

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