Vaginal Herbal Bolus

Vaginal Herbal Bolus

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Vaginal Herbal Bolus - (VB) by Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas.

Slippery Elm, Squawvine Herb, Yellow Dock, Marshmallow, Chickweed, Golden Seal root, Mullein, Plantain and Aloe Vera gel 100:1. These herbs are in powder form.

Coconut butter should be melted down so that it will mix well with the herb powder. Mix a small quantity of this powder, and wet to pie dough consistency with coconut butter. Next, roll this mass between hands until you have a pencil-like bolus approximately the size of the middle finger in about inch-long pieces. Harden in a refrigerator. These are to be inserted into the vagina or rectum much the same as suppositories would be. Insert upon retiring and leave in all night, six nights a week. The coconut butter melts at body temperature, leaving only the herbs, and these are easy to douche out. The following morning use the routine in the Yellowdock formula.

Here is another excellent aid for both men and women who have problems in the reproductive areas. Boluses are made with healing herbs that feed malnourished organs and draw out the toxins and poisons, making the malfunctioning area clean and healthy, so that scavengers like cysts, tumors, and cancerous conditions will not have waste material to survive on or live in. Herbalists who use this formula have found that these scavengers will release and be eliminated. The bolus spreads its herbal influence widely from the vagina or bowel through the entire urinary and genital organs.

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