Black Radish & Parsley

Black Radish & Parsley

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Black Radish & Parsley  - 100 capsules by Hanna Kroeger Herbal Products. Tonic 

It is a wonderfully simple and elegant herbal solution to seasonal bacterial infections like strep throat, coughs, sinusitis and other upper respiratory infections.  This formula fights infection and checks mucus formation that is a breeding ground for infection with diuretic and kidney cleansing actions.  this is particularly relevant during the winter months when the kidneys get sluggish from cold weather, thus allowing fluids, mucus and toxins to build up.  Additionally, these herbs soothe the linings of the upper respiratory tract, promote detoxification of heavy metals in the left kidney, an stimulate digestion and elimination.  Sluggish digestion or elimination and the toxicity they can cause, predispose us to infectious outbreaks, so toning in those areas is a good preventive and treatment strategy. 

Ingredients: Black Radish Root, Parsley Leaves. 

Additional dietary suggestions:  Vitamins A, C, D, E, Bioflavonoids