Candida Liver Care

Candida Liver Care

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Candida Liver Care by Hanna Kroeger Herbal Formulas (old name Stay Sober)  100 capsules.  

A cool and collected state of mind is often a result of hard dietary diligence and moderation. This powerful blend facilitates your body’s ability to maintain natural discipline.

Many theories currently exist to explain the process of alcohol addiction, with each suggesting a possible solution.  Holistic naturopathy suggests a link with chronic systemic candida overgrowth, especially in the liver, and unhealthy carbohydrate metabolism because of the simple sugar content in most alcoholic beverages.  Naturopathic treatment often includes herbs to fight candida while resolving mucus accumulated from alcohol use on which this fungus is thought to grow.  They will also include substances to support healthy intestinal flora, protect against ulcerations, strengthen and detoxify the liver, and promote elimination.  During withdrawal, additional support may be needed for queasy stomachs, diarrhea or constipation, and indigestion.  Traditional Chinese Medicine goes a step further and postulates that accumulation of mucus in the digestive tract and the liver exists before and is the root cause of the addiction and possible candida overgrowth. Alcohol use only compounds and deepens the cycle with further mucus accumulations, liver weakness due to alcohol-generated toxicity, skewed carbohydrate metabolism, poor nutrient assimilation and excessive bile production.  Modern research has found that alcoholics generally need nutritional, liver and antioxidant support as well as protection against tissue damage from toxic alcohol byproducts and other dangerour toxins within the system. 

Contains:  Condurango Bark, Yellow Dock, Goldenseal Root, Goldenrod, Eyebright, Red Clover, Cloves.

Additional dietary suggestions: Ginger tea, Candida Formula #1, Candida Formula #2, Liver Formula, Milk Thistle.