Chem X  Herbal formula

Chem X Herbal formula

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Chem X  herbal formula by Hanna Kroeger herbal formulas.  100 capsules.

To help with pollution - Take Chem X and help your body respond positively to the effects of modern day exposure in an industrialized world.

Chem X is popular among people who are chemically sensitive and those who are concerned about chemical toxins.  They incorporate it into their cleansing program.  Reoccurring headaches may be a symptom of chemical toxicity.  It is a favorite of people who are commonly exposed to chemicals such as dry cleaning solvents, carpeting adhesives, second hand smoke, etc.  Chem X contains herbs that have antioxidant properties and binding abilities that make toxin molecules less likely to damage cells and improves their clearance.  There are also alternative herbs that help clean the blood, lymph, liver, kidneys and bowels.  All this adds up to taking the strain off the immune system.   

Contains:  Black Tea, Condurango Bark, Red Clover, Yellow Dock, Paprika, Chaparral, Spikenard  

Often used with it:  Environmental X, Metal X, Pollution X, The Mover.

Additional dietary suggestions: Vitamins A, B-Complex, Aloe Vera