Gum-omile Oil

Gum-omile Oil

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Gum-omile Oil 1 fl.oz. Herbs for Kids

Gum-omile™ is an almond oil based blend useful for teething babies and toothaches. Customers have shared many stories of a night's sleep saved by the pain-relieving and soothing effects of this herbal combination. Gum-omile™ contains Clove oil which many dentists still use in their practices as an effective analgesic. Place Gum-omile™ directly on gums to relieve the pain and inflammation of teething. Try it on your own gums and see how well it works! If you feel it is too strong for your child, dilute it with vegetable oil. Avoid directly swallowing herbal oils.
Herbs For Kids Gum-Omile Oil Blend Liquid, 1 oz

Gum-omile Oil™ ? Teething Support

Available in 1 oz size

Herbal Ingredients:

Almond oil

Willow bark *

Chamomile flowers **

Clove Bud essential oil *

Vitamin E oil