Horehound Blend

Horehound Blend

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Product Information:


Horehound Blend 1 fl.oz. Herbs for Kids

Horehound Blend™ contains herbs that strengthen the lungs, reduce bronchial inflammation and aid expectoration, helping to open the airways for easier breathing. Horehound Blend™ is useful for chronic lung conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and low grade respiratory congestion. Sometimes after an acute infection the lungs do not fully heal, the result is chronically inflamed bronchioles and an excess of mucus production in the lungs. While Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications tend to suppress all coughs, the Horehound, Mullein, and other herbs in this blend work as expectorants, supporting the body's natural desire to rid itself of excess mucus. Note: When excess mucus is present, try eliminating dairy and other mucus producing foods such as wheat and sugar. Facial steams and humidifiers can also help loosen congestion.

Herbal Ingredients:

Mullein leaf *

Astragalus root **

Horehound herb **

Garden Sage leaf **

Orange peel **

Oregon Grape root *

Ginger root **