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Ravensara organic (Ravensara aromatica) Madagascar - Essential oil by Garden Essence. 100% pure, single species, first distillation, guaranteed free of pesticides and herbicides.

Respiratory and cardiovascular systems are harmonized with this oil. Lymph drainage is facilitated and is also a beneficial oil for joint pain, digestion and water retention. It allows an individual’s desire for change to increase and aids in realizing one’s potential.

Aromatherapy Uses: Strongly anti-infectious, antiseptic, antiviral, antiasthmatic, antibacterial, antispasmodic, antitussive, appears antiallergenic, analgesic, carminative, diuretic, expectorant, immune stimulant, neurotonic, energizing- strong CNS stimulant.

Skin: cuts, infections, wounds, dramatic results in herpes, zona (shingles)

Respiratory: asthma, anti-infectious for flu, bronchitis, coughs, colds with other cineole rich oils; eases whooping cough, allergies, laryngitis, congestion of respiratory tract.

Muscular/Skeletal: neuro-muscular problems; aids muscular & physical fatigue; eases joint pain (with thyme linalool), and acute rheumatoid pain; aids cervical-dorsal arthritis.

Lymphatic/ Cardio: increases lymphatic drainage (toxic accumulation, especially after flu, illness, or edema-simple water retention. 

Immune: Iimmune stimulant; counters bacterial & viral infections; mononucleosis, Epstein Barr, flu, chicken pox, typhus, myxovirus; aids swollen gland infection; useful in convalescence. 

Digestive: eases digestion, stimulates gall bladder, useful in obesity 
Genito-Urinary/Reproductive: urine flow; aids detoxification; genital herpes.

Nervous/Emotion/Mind: anxiety, stress and related illnesses, aids zona (shingles) neuro-muscular problems; insomnia; aids nervous fatigue, relieves physical and mental depression, especially severely depressed; aids with realizing one's potentials, increasing desire for changes; anguish, fear.

Blends well with: clove, eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary.