Arnica Flowers

Arnica Flowers

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Arnica Flowers Arnica Montana 


Consider for:

    • reduce inflammation

    • decrease pain

    • swelling

    • shock

    • stiffness

    • bruises

    • stimulating the activity of white blood cells which digest congested blood, and disperseing trapped, disorganized fluids from bumped and bruised tissue, joints and muscles.

    • stimulate blood circulation

    • raise blood pressure

    • arthritis

    • burns

    • ulcers

    • eczema

    • acne

    • anti-bacterial 

    • anti-inflammatory

    • reduce pain

    • swelling

    • sports injuries and

    • over exertion

    • severe sprains and wounds

    • rheumatic joints

    • osteoarthritis

    • swollen feet

    • leg ulcers

    • herpes sores

    • irritated nasal passages and lips

    • helps increase resistance to infection, including listeria and salmonella

    • helps reduce fevers

    • stimulates circulation

    • reabsorbes internal bleeding

    • abdominal pains

  • broken bones

Product Information: 

Arnica Flower Arnica Montana

Today Arnica Montana is used primarily to relieve the after effects of falls, blows, sports injuries and over exertion. Homeopathic and naturopathic practitioners use it for severe sprains and wounds and shock. Athletes, coaches, and trainers use it to treat a variety of sports injuries. Arnica relieves pain, swelling and stiffness, and heals bruises caused by physical trauma. It also works well for treating rheumatic joints, osteoarthritis, swollen feet, leg ulcers, or herpes sores. Arnica is also used on irritated nasal passages and lips. This herb increases resistance to infection, including listeria and salmonella, and is used for reducing fevers, stimulating circulation, and reabsorbing internal bleeding. A compress of Arnica tea can be placed on the stomach to relieve abdominal pains. The Arnica Oil when used externally is extremely beneficial for: acne, bruises, hair loss if rubbed on scalp, inflammation from insect bites, muscle aches, rheumatic pain, sprains, strained or pulled muscles, superficial phlebitis, tendon strain, swelling due to fractures and wound healing if not on broken skin. When an Arnica compress is applied to an injury, including broken bones, it can have some amazing healing results.