Balsam Copaiba

Balsam Copaiba

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Balsam copaiba  (Copaifers officinalis) So. America100% pure essential oil by Garden Essence for aromatherapy. Used in Europe for chronic cystitis and bronchitis, piles, chronic diarrhea, intestinal problems. Soothing, balancing, uplifting on it’s own.

Consider for:

    • chronic cystitis

    • bronchitis

    • piles

    • chronic diarrhea

    • intestinal problems

    • Soothing

    • balancing

  • uplifting on it’s own

Copaiba balsam essential oil blends well with oils from the spice family, oils from the floral family, and essential oils with Oriental bases. They also work well with the aphrodisiac oils – Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, and Frankincense. It can also support the softer qualities of oils such as Ylang Ylang, Vanilla or Jasmine.