Blackberry leaf herb

Blackberry leaf herb

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Product Information:

 Blackberry Rubus fruticosus

Mouth Cleaner: an antibacterial property inside this leaf. It is very good to be used to remove bacteria in your mouth, thus you can try to use the leaves as mouth cleaner. By cleaning your mouth regularly, then you can prevent many kinds of disease that might happen to your mouth, for example inflammation on the gums, infection on the gums as well as other problem in the teeth area.

Blackberry leaves may be useful in treating acute diarrhea There are great nutrient inside the leaves which able to treat the diarrhea symptoms in your body. And that nutrient is the tannins which the usage is already proved by Commission E. according to that agency of German regulatory, you can take the leaves as much as 4.5 gram as treatment for diarrhea symptoms.

Sore Mouth and Throat

If you feel your throat becomes itch or painful, then you might get sore throat symptoms. This will also affect your voice which makes it sounds hoarse. But do not worry as blackberry leaves can be use as a treatment for your sore throat. What you need to do is to boil this leaves with water, then drink the water while it still warm to cure your sore throat.

Blackberry leaf has been used to treat everything from high blood pressure to nervous disorders, may also have cancer-fighting properties, used for relieving non-specific acute diarrhea. Tannins in the leaves can alleviate this problem