Brigham tea Herb

Brigham tea Herb

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Product Information:

 Brigham Tea  (Ephedra nevadensis)

Controlling mucus secretion: The astringent effects of the tannin present in Brigham tea aids in controlling the presence of mucus and phlegm in our body by reducing the mucous membranes swelling and dilating the bronchial vessels

Relieving cold and respiratory disorders: Being a good decongestant and a bronchial dilator, this herbal Brigham tea helps in relieving seasonal allergies, cold, sinus congestion and a blocked nose. It is also effective in curing the symptoms of asthma and hay fever (runny nose and watery eyes).

Helping in curing sexually transmitted diseases: This useful herbal tea served in brothels in the 1800s attained the name of Whorehouse tea as it was believed to cure venereal or sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and syphilis.

Managing kidney disorders: The mild content of American ephedra present in this tea helps it to excrete excess fluid accumulated in the body and reduce the excess water weight, thus helping in preventing/curing kidney disorder and bladder problems.

Aiding in weight loss: Pseudoephedrine, being one of the few chemical alkaloids contained in Brigham tea makes it to be used as a weight loss supplement to a certain extent.

Treating urinary tract infections: The Ephedra nevadensis stems work as a diuretic tonic, helping in treating urogenital problems and urinary tract inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory properties: Drinking the tea or applying a poultice prepared from the powdered stems can help in curing sores and reliving pain.

Reducing fever: This bitter tasting tea acts as a febrifuge (medicine used to reduce fever) as well as a spring tonic.

Rich source of calcium: Being one of the best tea sources of calcium, it can be used for strengthening the bones and preventing conditions like osteoporosis, especially in postmenopausal women.