Chakra Color Sampler Kit

Chakra Color Sampler Kit

  • $34.95

Chakra Color Sampler Kit An Essential oil sampler by Garden Essence. Highest Quality For the Lowest Price

Health Chest Sampler for most of your Aromatherapy needs
for 8 different 1 dram bottles (3.75 mls. ea.)
Audio Cassette size so they can be easily slipped into your purse or pocket.


Chakra Color Oils - Used on each chakra to help open and keep negative energy from reattaching.

White - Angelic Chakra above body, 

Violet - Pineal/Crown Chakra 

Indigo - Pituitary/Third Eye Chakra, 

Blue - Thyroid/Throat Chakra, 

Green - Thymus/Heart Chakra, 

Yellow - Pancreas/Solar Plexus Chakra, 

Orange - Reproductive/Sacral Chakra, 

Red - Adrenal/Base or Root Chakra