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Cinnamon Standardized by Nature's Way.

Cinnamon extract is standardized to 8% flavonoids. Clinical studies using Cinnamon show positive effects promoting healthy glucose metabolism.  Recent clinical studies have also used a water-extracted material.

Research shows that Cinnamon can aid the body in using insulin more efficiently. This spice also relieves nausea, diarrhea, and eliminates gas. It has warming effects on the body, enhances digestion, and increases the metabolism of fats. This spice can help reduce fevers and relieve congestion. Cinnamon is also used in treating diabetes, weight loss, yeast infection, and uterine hemorrhaging.

Studies show that Cinnamon contains a substance that is both anti fungal and anti bacterial. This spice contains properties that kill bacteria and other microorganisms, including Staphylococcus aureus (staph infections), and Clostridium botulinum, the source of botulism. Many fungi and molds produce aflatoxin, which is a potent poison and carcinogen. Cinnamon has been shown to be devastating to them. It has also been shown to suppress E. Coli (which is a common contaminate causing food poisoning) and Candida albicans (which is common cause of yeast infections).

Take 1 capsule twice daily.
Serving Size: 1 VCap Amount/Serving %DV
Cinnamon (bark) 350mg *

Cinnamon water-extract (bark), 8% flavonoids 150mg *




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Other Ingredients

Plant-derived capsule, Magnesium stearate