Elderberry whole

Elderberry whole

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Product Information:

 Elderberry Sambucus nigra 

Used for:

  • antioxidant activity

  • lower cholesterol,

  • improve vision,

  • boost the immune system,

  • improve heart health

  • for coughs, colds, flu,

  • bacterial and viral infections

  • tonsillitis.

Elderberry juice was used to treat a flu epidemic in Panama in 1995.

Elderberry will generally reduce the course of the infection, and symptoms of influenza will generally pass within seventy-two hours. As an expectorant, it reduces excessive mucus and expels phlegm. Elderberry is antiviral, antibiotic and antibacterial and has been used for centuries for soothing upper respiratory infections. It is an excellent remedy for asthma, bronchial infections and sinusitis. Since Elderberry is a diuretic, it promotes all fluid secretions and helps to cleanse the system. By promoting heavy sweating, Elderberry also opens the pores, and in that manner aids in eliminating toxic material and impurities from the body through the skin.