Female Balance

Female Balance

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Female Balance  by Hanna Kroeger Herbs.   100 capsules.

Maintaining electromagnetic balance for the ever-changing woman.  Hormonal support, menopausal support.

It is an energetically sound combination used by women addressing hormonal balancing, especially menopause.  Black cohosh is one of the great female herbs with a reputation for benefiting menopausal and menstrual problems.  Yellow dock and ginger are multi-purpose tonic herbs that have a long history of use for women's cycle complaints and provide additional benefits in internal cleansing while regulating digestion and elimination.  Anise also benefits digestion and elimination and relieves spasms.  Many of these herbs benefit the liver, which is thought to regulate hormonal levels during various phases of the monthhly cycle and in menopause.

Ingredients:  Black Cohosh, Anise Seed, Yellow Dock, Ginger Root   

Additional dietary suggestions:  Manganese, Mineral Supply