Female Libido Enhancer

Female Libido Enhancer

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Female Libido Enhancer by Grandma's Herbs 100 caps 485 mgs

Enhance Sexuality & Overcome Sexual Dysfunction

Lost your lust? According to an article published in the journal of the American Medical Association in 1999, 43% of women in the U.S. deal with sexual dysfunction.  Hormonal change in the body is one contributing factor for loss of libido.  Many prescription medications have sexual side effects.  Just meeting the daily stresses of life can cause anxiety and over-tiredness, which in turn can diminish sexual desire.  For those women who are looking for a more natural solution to these concerns, GRANDMA'S HERBS has formulated FEMALE LIBIDO.  This formula was created to enhance libido and sexual intensity without the side effects that drugs may cause.  The herbs is this formula have some great benefits such as; many are an aphrodisiac, some are mild anti-depressants, and others are strengthening to the reproductive organs.  A second benefit of this formula is that it increases workout strength and energy levels and endurance throughout the day and also helps to rebuild tissue after strenuous exercise.  WARNING:  If you are being treated for young onset Parkinson's disease you may have an adverse reaction to some of the ingredients in this product.  Please contact your care giver before purchasing.