Female Reproductive

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Female Reproductive Formula (Nu Fem) - by Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas -

An Herbal Aid for the Female Reproductive Organs - This is also an amazing combination of herbs to aid in rebuilding a malfunctioning reproductive system (uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, etc.). Over the years herbalists and patients have seen painful menstruations, heavy flowing, cramps, irregularity, etc., change to a painless menstrual period, good menstrual timing, and a new outlook on life by using these aids to readjust the malfunctioning areas. The female corrective formula consists of Golden Seal root, Blessed Thistle, Cayenne, Cramp bark, False Unicorn root, Ginger, Red Raspberry leaves, Squaw Vine and Uva Ursi.  Recommended dosage is one cup of tea or two capsules or 30 to 60 drops of glycerine based extract three times daily or more if desired, six days a week for as long as required to get the desired results. Many severe cases who have had many years of suffering cleared up in ninety to 120 days.

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