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Fennel  (Foeniculum vulgare) - Turkey -Essential oil by Garden Essence.  100% pure, single species, first distillation, guaranteed free of pesticides and herbicides.

Aromatherapy Uses:: Sweet licorice scent detoxifies the body while strengthening the liver. Used for balancing hormones and its anti-aging properties in skin remedies.

Skin: astringent for dull, dry, watery, oily and mature skin types; aids corns 

Respiratory: asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, whooping cough, pulmonary congestion, difficulty in breathing- disorders of nervous origin 

Muscular/Skeletal: rheumatism, acts as slight muscle analgesic, paralysis, lumbago 

Immune: flu preventative 

Digestive: gum disease, anorexia, dyspepsia, spasmodic colitis, colic, constipation, hiccups, nausea, detoxification from alcohol, nicotine 

Endocrine: endocrine stimulant 

Nervous Brain/ Mind: nerve tonic, eases nervous tension 

Emotional/Energetic: Increases inner strength and courage

Blends well with: clary sage, cypress, grapefruit, juniper, geranium, lavender, rose, orange, sage, ylang ylang.