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Hinoki - False Cypress (chamaecyparis obtusa endl.)  Essential Oil by Garden Essence

 It eliminates harmful living things in its' surroundings. Hinoki is well known for its ability to naturally kill bacteria, viruses, viral infections and fungus. The chemical composition of Hinoki makes its wood oil highly therapeutic. The wonderful lemon fragrance of Hinoki has relaxing and decongestant effects, helping to relieve tension and stress. It is also excellent for alleviating sinus and chest congestions and respiratory problems. Hinoki is gentle on skin. It is a very effective antiseptic for healing and treating skin problems, such as rashes, cuts, abrasions and minor skin irritations.

It is also a safe and effective all natural insect repellent for mosquitoes, flies, ticks, fleas, gnats and many more insects. 

Properties and use: Excellent for Meditation, Aligns to Higher Self, Psychic Awareness, Sedating, Grief, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Cold, Flu, Tension, Stress, Stuffy Noses, Catarrh, Laryngitis, Pneumonia, Legionnaire's Disease, Headache, Insomnia, Detoxifying, Obesity, Comforting. Anti-bacteria, viruses, fungus. Antiseptics, Anti-inflammatory. Disinfectant, Bronchitis.