Immature Bitter Orange

Immature Bitter Orange

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Product Information:

Immature Bitter Orange (Citrus aurantium fructus)

is believed by some to treat:

  • angina,

  • allergies,

  • insomnia,

  • nasal congestion,

  • nerve pain,

  • poor appetite,

  • liver and gallbladder problems.

Many of the benefits are attributed to a compound in bitter orange known as synephrine.

Traditionally, bitter orange flower as well as bitter orange oil were utilised to help relieve gastrointestinal upset, lower blood sugar in individuals with diabetes, and also to promote blood circulation.

It absolutely was also considered to help individuals with insomnia to sleep better, and also to perk up “tired blood” or even anemia. In aromatherapy, bitter orange has an awakening, revitalizing effect.

Benefits to the Skin

One of the main advantages of bitter orange is its astringent capability. It soaks up excessive sebum helping balance the creation of oil in the skin, calming over-active oily as well as acne-prone types. Yet it doesn’t strip the skin as can some harsh over-the-counter synthetic formulas. After utilizing a formula along with bitter orange, skin feels balanced, refreshed, and ready for moisturization.

Bitter orange peel, particularly, also offers anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal qualities, that makes it again, ideal for acne-prone skin tones.