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Kid-e-Trac - 2 fl.oz. by Dr. Christopher's Original Formula, an emotional and mental St. John’s Wort formula for anxiety¸ depression and hyperactivity:

Herbs that naturally cleanse and nourish the mind. Kid-E-Trac has properties similar to its drug counterparts without the harmful chemicals. Kid-E-Trac also has herbs that calm both the nerves and muscles¸ promoting regular and restful sleep. Parents have been amazed at the change in their children after trying Kid-E-Trac.

Ingredients:  Valerian root¸ Scullcap¸ Ginkgo¸ Oregon grape root¸ St. John’s wort¸ Mullein¸ Gotu kola¸ Sarsaparilla¸ Dandelion¸ Lobelia¸ and Jurassic green (Alfalfa¸ Barley and Kamut)¸ in a glycerine base with cherry flavoring.

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