Lemon, Pressed Peel

Lemon, Pressed Peel

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Lemon, Pressed Peel  (Citrus limonum) USA - Essential oil by Garden Essence.  100% pure, single species, guaranteed free of pesticides and herbicides. More therapeutic than distilled.

Common Aromatherapy Uses: Lemon has been historically recognized as a cleanser. It is recognized as being antiseptic, and as having refreshing and cooling properties. Sore throat, Nervous Conditions, Blood Pressure, Digestive Problems, Gallstones, Debility, Fever, Anxiety, Cellulite. (Tonic, Astringent, Antiseptic).

Blends well with: citronella, geranium, lavender, rose, lime, neroli, orange, petitgrain, sage, ylang ylang, spearmint.

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