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Lemongrass  (Cymbopogeon citratus) - India  - Essential oil by Garden Essence.  100% pure, single species, first distillation, guaranteed free of pesticides and herbicides.

Aromatherapy Uses:
Anyone with Morning Fatigue Syndrome will appreciate the effects of lemongrass. It is also used to detox lymph and cellulite and cleanse oily skin and hair. Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, vasodilator, sedative, tonic

Skin: cellulite, hydrolipid retention, tonifying astringent- cleansing to oily skin, blackheads, tightens pores and muscles 

Muscular/Skeletal: muscular tonic 

Cardio-vascular/ Lymphatic: arteritis

Immune: immune stimulant

Digestive: digestive tonic, stimulates liver

Nervous Brain/ Mind: stress related disorders, calming

Emotional/Energetic: uplifts and refreshes, great for dispelling anger and frustration,

Blends well with: citronella, geranium, lavender, lime, neroli, orange, petitgrain, ylang ylang, rosemary, palmarosa, vetiver, eucalyptus.

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