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 Motherwort  Leonurus cardiaca 

Motherwort seeds are effective in:

  • stimulating a suppressed or delayed menstruation,

  • can ease dysmenorrhoea,

  • especially when there is anxiety or tension involved.

  • used to ease false labor pains,

  • helps restore the uterus and reduce the risk of postpartum bleeding.

  • reducing the effects of menopause.

  • brighten vision,

  • relieve conjunctivitis or sore and tired eyes.

  • treat eczema and sores.

  • tincture can be used as a douche for vaginal infections and discharges.


Motherwort is used for heart conditions, including heart failure, irregular heartbeat, fast heartbeat, and heart symptoms due to anxiety. It is also used for the absence of menstrual periods, intestinal gas (flatulence), and over-active thyroid (hyperthyroidism).