Noni Fruit

Noni Fruit

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Noni Fruit Standardized 60 Vcaps by Natures Way.

Noni Fruit is standardized to 3-4% polysaccharides from pure Hawaiian-sourced whole-fruit. Research at the University of Hawaii shows the health benefits of Noni polysaccharides.  Noni has been used as a health remedy for over 2,000 years throughout the South Pacific Islands.

Noni Fruit has been used to treat a wide variety of conditions that include asthma, digestive complaints, fevers, heart problems, and infections. Noni fruit juice has been used to treat diabetes, allergies, high blood pressure, mental depression, and jellyfish stings. An extract made from Noni Fruit leaves in alcohol is effective against some types of parasites that infect humans. The dried Noni Fruit root, called Ba Ji Tian, is used as a salve for wounds, and the fresh leaves can be used on burns and skin wounds as well. Traditional Chinese medicine uses the dried roots to remedy gastrointestinal and urinary tract conditions. Traditional herbalists use fresh Morinda leaves tied around joints to relieve arthritis pain or around the head to lessen a headache, and in an extract, the leaves are effective in eliminating some types of parasites.

Take 1 capsule two to three times daily with food or water.
Serving Size: 1 VCap Amount/Serving %DV
Noni (whole-fruit), 3-4% Polysaccharides 500mg *

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Other Ingredients - Plant-derived capsule