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Product Information:

Oatstraw  Avena sativa 

Consider for:

  • treating skin conditions such as eczema

  • has been used to relieve stress,

  • anxiety,

  • improve mood

  • and depression

  • arthritis,

  • rheumatism,

  • fluid retention

  • shingles,

  • herpes infections,

  • addictions.

Traditionally, oat straw extract has been used to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Some studies suggest that the extract may improve mood by inhibiting the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 4 (PDE4), which is found in immune cells.

Oat straw is actually an anti-depressant and can assist with mild improvements in mood. It helps to relieve anxiety and generally provide energy.

Oat straw is used in various forms to treat numerous ailments including arthritis, rheumatism, and fluid retention. Some herbalists recommend Oat straw for treating shingles, herpes infections, and addictions; however, this herb’s soundest reputation by far is as a topical remedy for irritated and inflamed dry skin.