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Onion  Allium cepa 

Onions are used to heal blisters and boils. Products containing onion extract  are used to treat scars, they also relieve itching secondary to allergy. In homeopathy, Allium cepa is used for rhinorrhea and hay fever. Onions are believed to be effective in diabetes.

Reduce blood pressure and improve circulation. Onion is taken for colds, flu, and coughs. It can help ward off angina, arteriosclerosis, and heart attack. It also works well for preventing oral infection and tooth decay. Externally, warmed Onion juice in the ear can soothe earaches and a baked Onion poultice works for draining pus from sores. Placing a poultice on the chest relieves congestion, abscesses, and boils. Some modern herbalists use Onion juice to remove warts and prevent acne, and an Onion syrup works well as an expectorant. Onion is also thought to be an aphrodisiac and a hair tonic for stimulating growth.