PA Formula

PA Formula

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PA formula  (old name Pap)   100 capsules.   (Papilloma virus)

Many traditional healers support female reproductive health through regulating the liver, gall bladder and digestion.  Support for elimination through the bowels and urinary tract, assisting the body's natural hormonal balance and soothing the nervous system are an essential part for women't health.

 Conceived by Hanna for women and men, this powerful mixture has become a favorite of our female customers for use in conjunction with routine examinations.

This combination of blue flag, blue malva, blue vervain, papaya leaves, and mullein create a wonderful blend of herbs that have been used traditionally to support female and male reproductive systems and to rid the body of growths and warts.  These herbs maintain healthy bowel and kidney functon, hormones, natural resistance, and venereal health.  They also help regulate the liver, gall bladder and digestion, which were thought to send energy to the reproductive organs and speed blood cleansing of toxic wastes. 

NOTE:  It is best to be taken by a woman and her partner.

Additional dietary suggestions: Vitamins B-6, C, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Papilloma homeopathic, VYR Defense (old name Vyren)