Pancreas Aid

Pancreas Aid

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Product Information: 

Pancreas Aid  by Grandma's Herbs 100 caps 450 mgs

Supports Proper Glandular Function & Insulin Production

Grandma’s Herbs Pancreas Aid is designed to feed your overworked and stressed pancreas and helps stop blood sugar lows and highs.

This all-natural formula contains a special blend of herbs that help rebuild the pancreas, the adrenals and encourages normal glandular function and insulin production.

A poor diet, with lots of processed foods and refined sugars, can weaken your pancreas, causing it to produce less insulin, which can then result in diabetes.

Over time our pancreas can become stressed and weakened and unable to produce enough insulin. Grandma's Herbs Pancreas Aid can help give relief to this condition.

Additional Product Information:

Our Pancreas is a gland that helps to digest starches, proteins and fats. It also produces the hormones needed for the body to use sugar.

Our bodies are incredibly complex and work wonderfully when we use the correct fuel. They are not designed to process all the pasteurized, homogenized, hydrogenated, processed and chemicals in the American diet.

When we were young most of us ate a lot of sweets with refined sugar. Most Americans still eat a lot of sweets, which causes the  pancreas to secrete more insulin than it should, causing low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia.

Research shows that hypoglycemia can cause epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, peptic ulcers, asthma, alcoholism, allergies, heart attacks, drug addiction and cancer. It can also cause fatigue, depression, irritability, headaches, poor memory, and many other conditions.

After years of dietary abuse, the pancreas weakens and doesn't produce enough insulin and this can cause diabetes. To relieve either condition we need to stop doing what caused it, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and use herbs to heal the stressed and weakened pancreas and glandular system.

Grandma’s Herbs Pancreas Aid is an all natural herbal formula designed to feed a pancreas that has been over-worked and stressed from a poor diet. The herbs in Pancreas Aid help rebuild the pancreas and the adrenals and encourage normal glandular function and insulin production.

Herbs in Pancreas Aid:

CEDAR BERRY -healing to the pancreas, furnishes insulin to the body, heals the adrenals, and helps the body to cope with stress and worry

LICORICE ROOT - nourishes the adrenals, stimulates estrogen and cortisone production when needed in the body, helps body cope with stress and worry, stimulates and sustains adrenal function, tonic herb

CASCARA SAGRADA - heals the entire alimentary canal, increases the secretions of the stomach, liver pancreas, and lower bowels, anti-diabetic, alterative, tonic, antibilious, nervine, stimulant-tonic to the nerves it comes in contact with

HEAL ALL - accelerates healing, anti-diarrhea, blood cleanser, relieves gas from the gastrointestinal tract, anti-viral

GOLDENSEAL - contains insulin, improves appetite and aids digestion, one of the best general medicinal aids in the entire herbal kingdom, powerful tonic for problems with assimilation, is useful in treating stress and anxiety resulting from high blood sugar, strengthens the immune system

CAYENNE - powerful stimulant, promotes good body circulation- the key to healing, increases the effectiveness of the other herbs which causes them to work better in the body, Expectorant, aids digestion and healing to the stomach

BLADDER POD – gives synergistic balance to the glands for proper function

NERVINE - valuable in distress crisis, stress is damaging to the adrenals, powerful relaxant


Our daughter was a very active senior in high school and like most kids her age, ate a lot of junk food and soft drinks. In the mornings she was pleasant but when she got home from school she was a bear. I tried to feed her good food, but she was always in a hurry, or too tired to eat right. She got moody and cried a lot. She started missing school and staying home sick.  The doctor said she was a typical teenager and would grow out of it. My diabetic sister said that my daughter had low blood sugar and suggested that she take Grandma’s Herbs Pancreas Aid to strengthen her pancreas and keep her from getting diabetes. She agreed to take it, but wouldn’t give up all her junk food.  Within a couple of weeks she started to feel better and within a month she was eating right and feeling good again.