Pine Needles

Pine Needles

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Pine Needles (Pinus sylvestris) - Bulgaria - Essential oil by Garden Essence. 100% pure, single species, first distillation, guaranteed free of pesticides and herbicides.

 A breath of fresh air reminiscent of a forest walk. Pine purifies the lungs and the skin. It stimulates circulation and prepares muscles for exercise.

Aromatherapy Uses: antimicrobial, antirheumatic, antiseptic, antifungal, anti-viral, bactericidal-large spectrum(most germs, E.coli), balsamic, choleretic, deodorant, decongestant, diuretic, expectorant, hypertensive , antidiabetic, cortisone-like, insecticidal, restorative, rubefacient, sudorific, tonic-stimulant, Bladder & Kidney problems, Rheumatism, Respiratory, Muscle Aches & Pain, Circulation.

Skin: Boils, cuts, fleas, sores, eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, scabies, lice, congested skin, purifies skin esp. grey, oxygen poor skin (smoker’s skin)

Respiratory: asthma, eases breathing, catarrh, laryngitis, stimulates and purifies respiratory tract, increasing Co2 discharge; best used as inhalation, increases secretion of mucus membrane of lungs, bronchitis, sore throat, sinusitis

Muscular/Skeletal: joint/muscular aches and pains, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, sciatica, edema-simple water retention, rheumatism

Cardio-vascular/ Lymphatic: circulatory stimulant

Immune: immune stimulant, warms and cools fevers, colds, flu; modulates inflammatory and allergic processes, aids severe infection

Digestive: hepatitis , inflamed gallbladder, stimulates metabolism, intestinal disturbances 

Endocrine: supports thyroid, aids diabetes, stimulates adrenal

Genito-Urinary/ Reproductive: urinary infection, inflamed and congested uterus, prostate problems, cystitis 

Nervous Brain/ Mind: fatigue, nervous tension, stress related disorders, debility and neuralgia

Emotional/Energetic: Pine oil opens the chest, instills positivity and helps to restore self-confidence, disperses melancholy, reawakens our connection to life.

Blends well with: cedarwood, cinnamon, clove, cypress, eucalyptus, lavender, niaouli, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, tea tree.