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Product Information:

Rosemary  Rosmarinus officinalis 

  • Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Improving digestion
  • Enhancing memory and concentration
  • Neurological protection
  • Prevent brain aging
  • Cancer
  • Protection against macular degeneration

Historically has an old reputation for strengthening the memory and sharpening the senses (including vision). Long used to stimulate circulation to virtually all parts of the body, it enhances good digestion, eases pain and nervous anxiety, and may even help restore the look and glow of youth. In addition to helping the heart and liver, Rosemary also helps reduce high blood pressure. Other common uses include the treatment of “nerves“, digestive disorders, gas, palsy, weak memory, dizziness, migraine, dandruff, jaundice, consumption, and menstrual pains. Rosemary can also stimulate hair growth, restore appetite, and improve sight.

Rosemary Essential Oil