SPK Formula

SPK Formula

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SPK Formula (old name Spiro Kete)  100 capsules.  by Hanna Kroeger Herbal Products.  

Avoiding exposure to insects includes using caution while being one with nature. This combination encourages your body’s healthy conditions. An asset to hair and clothing checks after a jaunt in the woods.

Research on Lyme disease and its' relative, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, has found that a small bacteria called spirochetes is transmitted through the bite of a tick into the host's bloodstream, producing over time a bewildering array of serious symptoms.  Prompt medical diagnosis and intervention with antibiotics is necessary.  Holistic naturopathic healers suggest that additional support for the body's eliminative processes may also be beneficial.  Folk herbalists have long used nettles for its' general detoxifying effects deriving from a high concentration of chlorophyll and to maintain good metabolism.  Yerba santa is native to California and Northern Mexico, where it is historically used as a bitter tonic.  According to traditional folk literature, goldenrod and yerba santa share similar properiies with nettles in supporting healthy urinary and joint function as well as strengthening the body's natural resistance.  Physicians specializing in environmental illness employ monolaurin to support natural resistance in those who are chronically run down.  Tobacco is popularly known as a larvacide.   

Ingredients: Nettle, Yerba Santa, Goldenrod, Organic Tobacco, Monolaurin

Additional dietary suggestions: Vitamin C, Echinacea, Rosemary