Super Adrenal Support

Super Adrenal Support

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Super Adrenal Support by Western Botanicals

Adrenal Support

Maca root, Licorice root, Eleuthro root, Ashwagandha root

Maca root Today Maca root is used to increase energy and support the immune system. It is also used to treat anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, impotence, menopausal symptoms, and menstrual problems.

Licorice root used for chronic fatigue syndrome.

 Eleuthro root - eleuthero is thought to be an adaptogen, or a substance that adapts itself to correct whatever is out of balance in the body.

Ashwagandha root  Ashwagandha root is said to improve physical energy. To strengthen and replenish the entire body, especially the nervous, immune, reproductive and musculo-skeletal systems. A deep energy tonic.