Super Lax

Super Lax

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Product Information: 

Super Lax by Grandma's Herbs 100 caps 476 mgs

Laxative - Gentle, Effective Relief

Do you suffer from occasional bouts of gas, bloating or constipation?  Free yourself from daily discomfort and feel better than you have in years. Grandma's SUPER LAX is gentle, effective and non habit forming.  Some herbs in this unique combination are for cleansing the bowel, and some are for soothing and toning. SUPER LAX is our most popular and requested herbal combination which has given thousands of people gentle relief.

Super-Lax is made from herbs that stimulate the peristaltic muscles that surround the bowel.  This all- natural formula is especially good for constipation or toxic bowel problems.  It is not habit forming and has a very gentle, effective cleansing action. SUPER-LAX was formulated to assist the body’s normal bowel function. There are so many reasons why we become constipated, and most people say that they just do not feel good when they are.  After using SUPER-LAX regularly, daily, or as needed, we are told time and time again by our customers that they feel better, and would never want to be without it. Cleansing the colon helps to relieve constipation and the best way to start is with Grandma’s Herbal Super-Lax. Some herbs in the Super-Lax formula are for cleansing the bowel, some are for healing and some are for soothing and toning.  The only side effects you may experience are more energy, a better memory and help with weight loss.

Following is a list of herbs contained in this formula:


bullet CASCARA SAGRADA:  safest laxative, antibiotic effect on harmful bacteria in the intestines, stimulates the secretions of the entire digestive system, restores tone to the bowel, helps with high blood pressure and digestive complaints
bullet SENNA PODS:  mucilage, stimulant, laxative, cathartic, good for biliousness and halitosis
bullet PSYLLIUM SEEDS:  Eliminates toxins in the colon, retains moisture in the colon, lubricant, rebuilds the colon, creates bulk and fiber lacking in our diets
bullet TURKEY RHUBARB:  laxative, eases stomach pain, anti-bacterial, hepatic, removes irritating substances, stimulates, cleanses and tones the alimentary and intestinal areas
bullet ALOES:  emollient, bitter tonic, vermifuge, anodyne, hepatic, laxative
bullet BARBERRY ROOT:  Deep cleansing effect on the body, especially the stomach and bowels, antibacterial, beneficial effect on the entire digestive system, useful in hepatitis
bullet SLIPPERY ELM:  Absorbs noxious gases, soothes inflamed or irritated areas, neutralizes stomach acidity, demulcent, emollient, nutritive, laxative


TESTIMONIAL:  I am a school teacher and can’t afford to have an emergency while I’m teaching.  For years, the only time I dared to take a laxative was on the weekend.  By the middle of the week, I would get a stomachache and become very grouchy.  On the weekend I would take a laxative, which caused cramping and diarrhea.  A friend gave me a bottle of Super-Lax.  Wow! I didn’t think herbs were that much better than drugs and chemicals.  This stuff is so gentle and yet is very effective.  Now all I do is take a couple every night before bed and I’m regular as clockwork.  Thanks to my friend and Super-Lax.

TESTIMONIAL:  I have been constipated all my life, and in search of relief, have tried just about every laxative, stool softener and fiber ever dreamed of. Nothing helped much. I guess I’m what you’d call “super-sluggish,” because I can eat a whole box of prunes without any effect at all. The rare thing that did work was usually too harsh. Finally I tried herbs and found some relief, but experienced a lot of gas and bloating. Then one of my husband’s co-workers told him about Grandma’s Herbs and how much they had helped him, so I tried Grandma’s SUPER-LAX.  Finally I found total relief with no gas problem. Herbs are definitely the way to go, but some combinations work better than others, and Grandma’s SUPER-LAX is the best.

Recommendation:  Take one Super-Lax the first night, then two the second night and continue to increase the amount until you have two or three bowel movements a day.  One capsule may be all you need to get the desired result or you may need to take more, more often throughout the day.  Just try it and find out what works best for you.