Taurin Dophilus

Taurin Dophilus

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Taurin-Dophilus  100 tablets.  by Hanna Kroeger Herbal Products.

 When the intestinal tract is healthy, our bodies can actually manufacture some of its own vitamins. We can take acidophilus supplements (friendly bacteria cultures) or eat yogurt for support. Taurine, however, can be a missing factor in this regimen. Research on taurine shows that this amino acid is present in our bodies at a very young age.

Combining this acidophilus supplement with taurine is the perfect follow-up for the Candida Formula #1 (old name Kantita) and Candida Formula #2 (old name FoonGoos #2) program. 


 Lactobacillus acidophilus 400 mg & Taurine 250 mg in a Freeze-Dried Prune Base.